Additional Services


Harvard and HSCI

Non-Harvard Academic  & Non-Profit

For-Profit & Industry

gRNA Validation prep (1st gRNA)




gRNA Validation prep (each additional gRNA, up to 5)




DNA construct recovery by electroelution and purification for a microinjection project




Plasmid DNA purification




Cell pellet for DNA extraction, not mycoplasma tested (1 vial, 6-well)




Cryopreserved mutant ES cells, mycoplasma tested (1 vial, 6-well)




Cryopreserved mouse embryos, 25-30 embryos per straw (at 1-cell, or 2-cell, or 8-cell stage)

Up on request



Mouse colony breeding (per breeding cage set up)




Per diems for breeding cages and offspring after weaning (per cage, per day)




Mouse ID tag & tail biopsy (per mouse)




Mouse tail DNA extraction (per sample)




Mouse or material exportation fee (shipping and supplies) 




Technical Service, per hour




Consultation: services include discussion of issues concerning transgenes, targeting constructs, ES cell lines, selection and mouse colony breeding strategies, cryopreservation and rederivation strategies and preparations




To initiate a request, please fill out the Service Request Form, and  forward the signed and dated form to the GMF office at, as an email attachment or fax to (617) 384-5008.

Non-Harvard Academic & Non-Profit users pay 15% more than Harvard users. Service fees for Industry & For-Profit users are given upon request.

The GMF reserves the right to change fees without prior notice.

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