Blastocyst Injection - including KOMP/EUCOMM ES cell clones


Harvard and HSCI

Non-Harvard Academic  & Non-Profit

For-Profit & Industry

Economical Injection of ES cells:

Investigator provides an aliquot of ES cells in suspension, which will be injected into 30 blastocysts. Injected embryos will be implanted into 3 recipients, and chimeric offspring will be transferred at weaning to the investigator's colony.  

$ 2,517



Standard blastocyst injection:  

1 ES cell clone injection into 30 blastocysts and transfer into 3 recipient foster mothers; including the expansion and preparation of ES cells for injection

$ 3,434



Discount package for injection of 2 ES cell clones:

2 ES cell clones will be injected into 30 blastocysts each and transferred into 6 recipients; including the ES cell culture, expansion and preparation for injection

$ 5,727



New Option for Blastocyst Injection:

Quality control of 3 targeted ES cell clones by chromosome analysis, and subsequent injection of 1 clone that has at least 70% euploid cells. including the ES cell culture, expansion and preparation for injection

$ 5,702



Injection of ES clones from the KOMP/EUCOMM Repositories:

Typically ES cell clones from KOMP/EUCOMM are generated on the inbred C57BL/6N cell lines, JM8A3N1, JM8A1N3 or JM8N4. Clones from these cell lines will be injected into blastocysts from the albino-B6.

Including the cell culture, injection of 2 clones into 30 blastocysts each followed by transfer into 6 recipients

$ 5,727



Chromosome Analysis (per sample)

$ 756



Chimera Breeding and Germ Line Transmission Testing:

Each chimera is setup with 2 females or 1 male per cage. Animals will be monitored daily, offspring will be weaned and transferred to investigator’s colony. Animal procurement for mating, per diems, tail biopsies, and genotyping are not included.

$ 123

(per mating cage)



Per diems for mating cages and offspring after weaning (per cage, per day)

$ 2.18




To get started, please fill out the Service Request Form, and submit by email, or fax to (617) 384-5008.

Terms of service:

  • Expansion of 2 ES cell clones and preparation for injection.
  • Injection of 30 blastocysts per clone, transfer of emrbyos into recipients. 
  • Monitor chimeras, report to investigator, separate offspring at weaning, transfer chimeras to investigator colony. 

Not included in service:

  • Pathogen screening: investigators which plan to have ES cells imported into the GMF are responsible to provide a current mycoplasma test with the cell samples. The OAR  SOP gives detailed instructions.
  • ES cell quality control: on special request we can provide chromosome counting of ES cell to assess the percentage of normal diploid cells.

The GMF does not make guarantees that ES cell clones will produce germ line transmitting chimeras.
Non-Harvard Academic & Non-Profit users pay 15% more than Harvard users. Service fees for Industry & For-Profit users are given upon request.
The GMF further reserves the right to change fees without prior notice.

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