Embryonic Stem Cell Gene Targeting


Harvard and HSCI

Non-Harvard Academic  & Non-Profit

For-Profit & Industry

ES cell gene targeting service includes: 

  • Electroporation of ES cells, drug-selection, colony picking, expansion of clones and production of replica plates for genotyping by investigator
  • ES cell lines available: V6.5 (129 x B6 F1 hybrid), JM8A3 or JM8A3N1 (B6N from KOMP/EUCOMM)  
  • We provide 2 x 96 clones for genotyping.




Optional: Extraction of DNA in 2 replica 96-well plates for genotyping (please indicate on Service Request Form)




Optional: Expansion of replica ES clones in eight 24-well plates




Expansion of targeted ES clones (per clone, 6-well)




Chromosome Analysis (per sample), including cell sample preparation




Mycoplasma testing (per sample) inculding cell culture and preparation




Genotyping by PCR, services may be available upon request





To get started please fill out the Service Request Form, and submit the signed form to the GMF office at GMFmail@fas.harvard.edu, as an email attachment or fax to (617) 384-5008.

The GMF does not provide any guarantees that targeted ES cell clones will be produced and/or identified, nor does it guarantee that targeted ES cell clones will produce germ line transmitting chimeras. However, experience over the past years 100+ projects revealed a success rate of over 95%.

Non-Harvard Academic & Non-Profit users pay 15% more than Harvard users. Service fees for Industry & For-Profit users are given upon request.

The GMF reserves the right to change fees without prior notice.

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