DNA Microinjection


Harvard and HSCI

Non-Harvard Academic  & Non-Profit

For-Profit & Industry

Plasmid transgenes injection in F1-hybrid (BDF1) embryos. Not including male colony

 $ 3,606



BAC or YAC transgenes injection in F1-hybrid (BDF1) embryos. Not including male colony

 $ 4,292



Plasmid transgenes injection in inbred (C57BL/6) embryos

 $ 4,581



BAC or YAC transgene injection in inbred (C57BL/6) embryos

 $ 5,653



Per diems for recipient cages and offspring after weaning (per cage, per day)

 $ 2.18



Tail biopsy (per sample)

 $ 9.06



Transgene DNA purification by electroelution for microinjection

 $ 850



Plasmid transgenes injection in embryos of mutant or other wild type strain




BAC or YAC transgenes injection in mutant embryos





To get started please fill out the Service Request Form and submit the signed form either by email to GMFmail@fas.harvard.edu or send a fax to (617) 384-5008.

Terms of Service:

  • Microinjection of approximately 200 embryos with transgene DNA, transfer of embryos into surrogate recipient animals, weaning offspring, and transferring transgenic offspring to investigator colony.
  • We strive to provide at least 3 transgenic founder animals. If this number cannot be generated during the standard service, we will provide a repeat injection with fee.
  • Investigators are requested to provide details of the purified transgene by submitting the sample sheet together with the DNA.
  • Investigators who do not have prior experience with transgene purifications may make a request for the GMF to provide that service. Investigators with experience are encouraged to use our standard DNA purification protocol.


The GMF does not make any guarantees for specific numbers of founders, but the success rate over the past years has exceeded 98% for some 450 projects, and the transgenic frequency has routinely been above 15%.

Non-Harvard Academic & Non-Profit users pay 15% more than Harvard users. Service fees for Industry & For-Profit users are given upon request.

The GMF further reserves the rights to change the fee schedule without special notice to adjust for special financial circumstances.

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