ES or iPS Cell Line Services


Harvard and HSCI

Non-Harvard Academic  & Non-Profit

For-Profit & Industry

Validation of human or mouse iPS cells by teratoma formation:

  • Including implantation of one cell line into 3 NOD-Scid mice, housing and daily monitoring of mice for up to 11 weeks, removing teratoma tumor and fixation of tissue based on instruction from customer or iPS Core, and forwarding fixed tissue to investigator.
  • Customer provides hiPS or miPS cells ready for implantation.




Establish New ES Cell Line: from mouse embryos (mutants or wild types)

Investigator provides plugged females. Service including: collect embryos from up to 4 females, isolate ICM, generate ES cells, and provide investigator with up to 3 ES clones that are cryopreserved from 6-well (free of mycoplasma), in up to 6 cryovials. Additional ES clones and services will be charged extra.




Chromosome Analysis (per sample) including cell sample preparation




Mycoplasma testing (per sample)




Examination of the pluripotent status of mES and germ line transmission: by microinjection (per ES clone, or see ES cell injection section)




Characterization of the pluripotent status of mES: by immunocytochemistry analysis (AP, or Sox-2, Oct-4, SSEA-1)




To initiate a project, please fill out the Service Request Form, and  forward the signed form to the GMF office at, as an email attachment or fax to (617) 384-5008.

Non-Harvard Academic & Non-Profit users pay 15% more than Harvard users. Service fees for Industry & For-Profit users are given upon request.

The GMF reserves the right to change fees without prior notice.

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